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GAS has different levels of agreements ranging from Strategic Alliances to Exclusive Distributorships:

Caliber Sales Engineering

Caliber Sales Engineering

Through a wide range of agreements with specialized manufacturers, Caliber Sales Engineering is the USD leading technical and logistics support provider for microwave and communications systems for Military Aircraft Ground and Ship based Air Defense Systems. Such as Surveillance Radar, Primary & Secondary Radar, Fire Finder, Dimension Military Surveillance Radar AWADS & Weather Radar, Mobile ATC Radar, ECM Systems, Ground Defense Radar TACAN Antenna & ECM Pods Missile Systems.

Several major partnerships: Arnold Engineering, Cobham Sensor Systems, L-3 North Erie Electronics, Raytheon, Talon Power Systems, U.S.Dynamics, Gyro Systems, Marine Systems & Hardware
Caliber Sales Engineering is also partnered with NATO, UK and Canadian Armed Forces
Military Airframes: A10, B1B, B52, C5, C17, C130, F4, F5, F111, F14, F15, F16, F18, P3
Helicopters: AH-64, UH-60, CH-47